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Creating Creative Kids in FamilyFun Magazine


I photographed this story for Family Fun in July at Ten Ton Studio. All the kids were easy to work with until I got to the guitar player. He seemed a bit withdrawn at the moment, and I wasn’t getting anything from him. Zilch. I tried a little of this and a little of that, and then a lot a bit of this, and a lot a bit of that, and nothing. Just when I had given up all hope and he knew he had me soundly defeated, he busted out of his shell, and gave me my favorite photo of my day. I was both stunned at his sudden reversal, and elated.


And here are a handful of outtakes I liked as well:

Denver Hayes Vintage

After five years of traveling to Calgary and San Diego for Mark’s, they finally came to visit me in Brooklyn! It made me very happy to see my friends in my neighborhood, and for them to bring such a fun project! I think that the locations fit their ideas like the perfect pair of jeans!

Rafaella: Behind the Scenes with Shannon & Charlotta


I had the pleasure of collaborating with my partner Charlotta Janssen a second time  for Rafaella. The first campaign was a smashing success, so they invited us back again! In this series of ads, Charlotta also fabricated  cardboard cutouts of objects, which I thought added a lovely touch to our scenes. These are the first two of our ads to appear, there are several more coming. All from a test I did two and a half years ago!

Here’s a stop-motion behind-the-scenes video from one of the sets we did:





This is a Subaru ad I shot this spring. The day started out first beautiful and sunny, but by the time we were ready to shoot, the fog rolled in, and I could hardly see the family through my lens. We shot through the soup anyway, and then after an hour of shooting, the fog lifted, and the sun came out again! Lucky me, as photographers always get blamed for the weather!

Dole Fruit Squish’ems

These advertisements for Dole Fruit Squish’ems I shot in February have now made their way online — a beautiful sunny day, in a beautiful home with enthusiastic kid models who  followed directions to a T. Who could ask for anything more? Thanks to Emily Cobb at Dailey Ideas and Jess Nielsen at ProductionWorks for making my day so pleasant!