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Good Housekeeping at the Hudson Milliner


Back in January, the great crew of Good Housekeeping paid us a visit to the Hudson Milliner (the guesthouse my partner Charlotta and I run in Hudson, NY) for a spring accessory photo shoot for their March issue. Despite the frigid temperatures outside, the Milliner provided a warm, charming backdrop for the story. This was actually our first time hosting a fashion shoot, and the Milliner was game for it. It’s never looked lovelier!


Good Housekeeping in Austin

For years I had heard terrific things about Austin, but had never been there before. I was so happy when Good Housekeeping called me up to do a fashion story there. From the excellent BBQ restaurants, to the plethora of food trucks and the myriad of Mexican food establishments, I think I would gain a million pounds if I lived there. LOVE AUSTIN!




Thanks to the lovely catalogue Woman Within, I recently spent a few weeks in the lowcountry of Charleston, South Carolina. I can’t speak highly enough of my experience down south! With a wonderful crew and picturesque plantations as locations, I couldn’t be happier — and with local restaurants like Chez Nous, Fig, and Xiao Bao Biscuit, I was indeed in heaven. Here are a few instagrams from our trip, courtesy myself (@mistergreer), Robert (@bredvad), and Spencer (@spencerostrander).


“Cardboard Noir!”


After having so much fun collaborating with Charlotta Janssen on our cardboard cutout story with kids, I thought it would be wonderful to do one with an adult. Taking our inspiration from Bogie and Bacall, we decide to do a noir story in cardboard. Although labor intensive, it was so fun to shoot it was easy to forget the long hours of creating our set pieces. At least it was for me — Charlotta might still hold a grudge. I hope the whole crew’s enjoyment collaborating on this project is reflected in the results of: “Cardboard Noir!”

Styling: Liz Teich
Grooming: Sabrina Rowe
Digital Tech: Robert Bredvad
Production Assistants: Eva Marie Lansberry, Paloma Lansberry
Wardrobe Assistants:  Nicholas Adedokun and Morgan Leykam
Location: Ten Ton Studio

Cardboard Adventures!

My partner Charlotta Janssen and I did a chalkboard ad for Rafaella this spring, and Charlotta made a few cardboard cutouts to slightly differentiate it from an earlier campaign we had done for the same client. I loved her small creations, and really wanted to do something large scale with it. Because of our busy schedules, it took us an agonizingly long time to execute this idea, but I am super happy with the results!