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Mary Kay Upscale

This ad I photographed for a new Mary Kay fragrance called “Upscale” went live recently, excited to share it!

Summer with Rodales

I’m excited to share these new images I shot for recently. Our crew took a short trip to Emmaus, Pennsylvania where I had the pleasure of shooting at the Rodale family farm for the first time. In addition to being a versatile photo location, the farm is also a important organic farm, officially on the National Register of Historic Places. The weather smiled on us that afternoon and our whole crew had fun day in the sun with our models Andressa and Pearl.

Mark’s Moments

This year I will soon celebrate five years with a wonderful Canadian client, Mark’s. The last five years we’ve done some great work in Calgary, San Diego, Palm Springs, Brooklyn, and Scottsdale. Here is some work that we shot this winter in San Diego that has just been released! So excited to share it.


Words can’t describe the fun our crew had photographing for the Curaçao Tourism Board. Luckily photographs can! Our task was to create an entirely new library of images and for 10 days we toured every corner of the island making photographs. We dived & snorkeled, fished, swam with dolphins, hiked, rode ATVs, rode ostriches (yes, ostriches), made a few campfires, and visited all the island’s shops, restaurants, and hotels. A huge thanks to everyone that made it possible: Troy Dunn, Glen Hosking, Jon Rodriguez, Grant Gunderson, Katharine Pooley, Ilse Koster, Saskia Fung Loij, Cristy-Ann Roger, Jolanda Smulders, Anji Lont, Elizabeth Viana, Rebecca Verschoor-Marvel and everyone else that contributed!. To see some of the fun behind these images, check out our behind the scenes video on Vimeo!

Mad Hatters at the Hudson Milliner

Nothing feels better than making new pictures! I loved shooting at The Milliner so much with Good Housekeeping that I pulled together a crew to do a lingerie story that I’ve had in the works. After a few calls and emails, we were all up in Hudson! We stayed over, woke up early, and got to work. Amanda and Brock played my couple in this lazy morning story, with great support from Dioji, Liz, Ashley and Robert. The Milliner, again, proved itself as great a location as it is a retreat. It was a lovely day, with a great meal together and some new images as reward for our efforts!