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Home Improvement / All Hands on Deck!


In the midst of renovations on a Victorian house in Catskill, NY, I thought it would be fun to do some photographs of part of the process: spackling, priming and painting. So a few phone calls later, I had half a team from the city come up, and organized the other half from Hudson/Catskill, and voilà!
This shoot was a lot of fun, and it was pleasure to work with my models Gitte Lill, John Fredrickson, Jasper, and Zinia. Also indispensable to this lovely day were Stylist/Prop Stylist Caiti Hawkins, Hair/MU Sabrina Rowe, Set Fabricator Peter Seward and John Hardy Contracting.



One of the great benefits of visiting Hudson, NY is having so many farms nearby. Not only do I get to eat many farm to table dinners, but I also get to document the denizens of these farms: the animals. I’ve gotten more than a few sows and cows into lucrative modeling careers from my efforts. Nugget the lamb is tearing it up on the Paris runways presently, and Laurel the laughing pig just signed an exclusive contract with Victoria’s Secret.

Selfies in Curaçao

This is what happens when you are on assignment and one of your models doesn’t show up to the shoot that day: you end up taking a selfie! Much fun with Ilse Koster (holding my hand) and the rest of the wonderful crew on the gorgeous island of Curaçao. Direct flights from JFK on Jet Blue! I’m booking now!

Making Magic with Good Housekeeping UK


I was more than happy to be invited over to do the Christmas issue of Good Housekeeping UK. I hadn’t been to London in a few years, and was excited to visit. The first order of business was selecting a model for our mother and daughter shoot. Luckily for me, after reviewing head shots from several agencies, there was one model who stood out: Vera Zaal. An atypical beauty, with a large gracious smile, she had a playfulness that was a prerequisite for making this a successful shoot. We photographed the story at the Shotover Estate in Oxfordshire. With gorgeous grounds, a large handsome manor, and Vera, even a ferret could have photographed a great story!

Matilda Jane Clothing


This September I was invited by One Lucky Guitar, Inc. to Fort Wayne, Indiana to photograph the new Matilda Jane Clothing Winter campaign. We took over a large floor of a local warehouse to create our winter forest environment – drawing inspiration from Narnia and Twilight- while the temperatures reached the 80’s outside. Not only did I have a great time photographing this job, but I also had a fantastic time collaborating with the very creative teams at One Lucky Guitar and Matilda Jane.