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School’s Out For Summer!

When Charlotta Janssen and I first started renovating The Catskill House, a guest house in Catskill, NY, we designed it with hosting photography productions in mind. Adding windows where there once were none and removing walls where there once were some. This is a story I had in mind ever since we completed the interior. So I added a dash of Anni Krueger, a few cloves of Love, a pinch of Sam Dawdy, then sprinkle in some Kelley Quan and stir in a whole bunch of fun, and it all adds up to a flavorful “School’s Out For Summer” Story!

Once Upon a Waitress

When Chez Oskar relocated from Fort Greene to Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn, I knew that it would be a beautiful restaurant to do a fashion story. The decor and light are wonderful and I thought it would be great fun to shoot a waitress story. I was extremely lucky that model Emily Doyle, stylist Mimi Young, makeup artist Brett Jackson, and digital tech Kyle Makrauer would team up with me on this engaging story. Then I sprinkled in some Adam, Laura and David, and voilà! 

Kids Photo Shoot at the Catskill House

I was hired to produce and shoot these photographs for a children’s book company out of Connecticut. We took this to the Catskill House which my partner Charlotta and I recently renovated. The Catskill House was designed to be very open and airy so that it would be a great indoor location for photo productions. The local talent were more than up for the task and I am sure we are going to sell a ton of books!

MU/Hair: Mara Schiavetti

Prop/Clothing Stylist: Allison St. Germain

Casting: Merry Alessi

Dr. Oliver Bronson House with Ella Loudon

The Dr. Oliver Bronson House in Hudson, NY, is an abandoned manse looked after by Historic Hudson a non-profit that preserves the architectural heritage of Hudson. I had been a few times during their bi-annual open houses, and was very keen to photograph there one day. That day arrived, and I organized a team mostly from Hudson: Ella Loudon as the muse, Mara Schiavetti doing Hair/MU and Peter Seward assisting. Coming up from the City: Brooke Vandever digital teching and Sabine Feuilloley as our stylist. It was a gorgeous day out, and both the vintage walls of the Oliver Bronson House and the grounds surrounding it lent themselves to a lovely shoot of the stunning actress Ella Loudon.





Behida Dolic Millinery

Having a great appreciation for hats, and being co-owner of The Hudson Milliner Guest House (formerly a Millinery), it was with great pleasure that I trained my lens on the Hudson hat maker, Behida Dolic. Collaborating with stylist Megan Ross, and photo assistant Christian Stensli, we lit up the shop of Behida Dolic Millinery and waited for our model, Behida Dolic, to get her hair and makeup done by Behida Dolic so as she could get to set and wear the Fall Winter hat designs of Behida Dolic. A force to be reckoned with, for sure, this multi-talented Behida Dolic.


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